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Training for vaginal hysterectomy (Purohit technique of vaginal hysterectomy)

Gynecologists can only register for the course

Duration :

    -- Two Weeks.
    -- One Month.

Course Fees :

    For 2 weeks - 75,000 INR for Indians and 1200 USD for non Indians
    For 1 month - 1,25,000 INR for Indians and 1800 USD for non Indians

Accommodation will be provided in side the hospital premises in a partly furnished room.
Trainee will have to bear the cost of food and other personal requirements.
Note :Registration fee is nothing other than course fee.

Course :

Trainee can observe and assist vaginal hysterectomy (NDVH ) operation (Purohit technique of vaginal hysterectomy) from the first day.
After five days, the trainee will be given placental model for 3-4 days to practice hand-foot-eye coordination model of the technique using monopolar electrode, bipolar forceps, Bi-clamp, PTVH forceps(a right angle forceps) and scissors etc.

After the operation theater, the trainee can watch video of previously recorded cases (standard, with previous CS, with pelvic adhesions, with large and very large uteri, Morcellation techniques, hysterectomy by bipolar forceps, by bi-clamp and by harmonic wave. Also, laparoscopic approach to failed vaginal hysterectomy and many more...

Demonstration of other cases :

  • NDVH for large uterus using morcellation techniques including coring
  • NDVH for cases with previous CS
  • NDVH in cases with obliterated posterior pouch by adhesions
  • Laparoscopic procedures after NDVH
  • dealing with failed NDVH and LAVH in cases with ventrofixed uterus following previous CS.

  • Salpingo oophorectomy during vaginal hysterectomy.
  • Mobilisation of adhered adnexa during vaginal hysterectomy.
  • Minilaparotomy assisted vaginal hysterectomy for very large uterus of 20 weeks or more if cases are available.
Trainee can observe any other abdominal/laparoscopic or vaginal procedure during his/her training period.
Trainee is expected to know case selection before operation, preparation for operation and, trainee should follow up the cases during postoperative period to gain experiences.
A certificate will be provided at the end of the course.
Note : one can copy and take the recorded videos in his/her external hard disc.

Learning Curve :

Only four cases.
We see gynecologic surgeons having own set up, start vaginal hysterectomy after completion of the training and progress successfully.

Faculties :

  • Dr Ramkrishna Purohit M.D, FICOG
  • Dr Jay Gopal Sharma M.S
  • Dr Devajani Meher, M.S

Instructions to candidates joining course :

Before joining the course
1.Read the text of Purohit technique of vaginal hysterectomy (learn Purohit technique of vaginal hysterectomy step by step) available on our website.
2.Repeatedly watch the video of the technique available on YouTube by clicking here Purohittechnique Videos
3.Read about electrosurgery (monopolar and bipolar etc) and Harmonic from the books and searching on internet.

Trainee can perform hysterectomy operation depending on availability of suitable case.

Free Observation :

Visitors can come to the hospital and observe the operation (live) in operation theatre free of cost. Limit -only one day for a candidate. We perform NDVH in the morning session.
Just call Phone nos. +91-9437054403, +91-9938595007

Workshop :

We hold workshop in different places in India. Workshop organizers may invite the author to demonstrate the Purohit technique. The request must be made at least three months before the workshop.

Procedure for making payment of registration fee :

Registration fee - as applicable - can be paid using bank transfer.
Details for making bank transfer are as follows.

  • Beneficiary Name : Ramkrishna Purohit
  • Beneficiary Account No : 063701500526
  • Name of the Bank : ICICI Bank Ltd
  • Branch Name and Address: Bargarh, Odisha, India
  • IFSC Code : ICIC0000637
  • Swift Code : ICICINBBCTS

Registration :

To register for training course kindly fill up the registration form .
One may send a separate e-mail request if the registration form is insufficient mail Id - We will access the vacancy. Then we will e-mail to you about the details to make payment of registration fee. On receipt of the registration fee, registration will be confirmed to you by e-mail. It is always on "first come first serve basis.".